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IT enables, optimizes, and integrates with every segment of your business, accelerating the delivery of your products and services, securing your most sensitive information, improving your internal and external user experiences, and helping you define and achieve your long- and short-term business objectives.


Developments such as Edge Computing bring your users a faster and more consistent experience, the Internet of Things (IoT) helps you think about IT in a much more functional way, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforms raw data into actionable plans for a more efficient business. 


These technologies are no longer on the cusp of delivery; they’re here now, and your competitive edge depends on your ability to leverage next generation tools.


But adoption is not easy.


Fortunately, EA Team is here to help you navigate the evolving IT landscape, ensuring that the right technologies are being deployed to the right places, in the right way.  


Digital Transformation Efforts Failed or Stalled in 2018


Total Workloads Moving to Cloud


CIOs Who Are Ready to Be the Innovators and Value Creators for Digital Transformation

Forrester - The Future of IT - Jan. 2019

"...any hopes of market leadership will be in peril for those with legacy systems or governance environments that hold back progress."


Forrester - The Future of IT - Jan. 2019

Your Vision: Our Services

EA Team - Digital Experts’ mission is to enable your company’s IT goals of today and tomorrow.  We’ve developed our deep industry experience solving pain points for thousands of companies, of all sizes, across all verticals.

IT has evolved significantly. What was once a necessary, overhead cost allocation is now an essential business unit, driving innovation and profit. This is the next generation of technology, and it has become a lot more intelligent

Our best-practice, AI-enabled approach aims to identify the necessary technologies, develop the ideal migration strategies, and stay ahead of the latest developments in the IT landscape, with your business’ continued growth and innovation as our ultimate objective.

IT service provision is no longer about having the most people supporting the biggest hardware footprint. It’s about the right people, wielding the latest tools and drawing upon superior knowledge, working diligently to make your company the best version of itself.

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Optimizing your infrastructure and applications to maximize cost-savings, ensure reliability, and improve performance requires careful end-to-end planning in order to achieve a seamless migration.


Our Professional Services Digital Experts utilize AI software to assess your current solution, identify what needs to move (and to where), oversee the entire migration, and proactively identify and remedy potential pain points.

Centralized management, maintenance, and running of your IT infrastructure are essential. EA Team is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of managed services at a fraction of your in-house operational cost.


Utilizing AI-driven tools and components, we keep an eye on your infrastructure so you don't have to while dynamically scaling it to your needs. Rest easy – we’ll keep your business safe and secure.

Your company is ready to launch a new product, but you need experts who can lend support to it and its underlying applications. If you have the tools but not the people, our Dedicated Digital Experts service can help. 


We’ll assign a highly trained, certified, experienced digital expert to act as another member of your team. Your business is the sole focus of your Dedicated Digital Expert; they’re assigned only to you.

Project Success

Creating an environment of success requires a core set of tenets.

Engage with the project stakeholders to identify requirements, objectives, potential obstacles, and variables that must be addressed to ensure a successful project. We explain our entire process, give clear insight into what you can expect, and identify all deliverables you will receive by project’s end.

We’ll detail a complete project roadmap, issue any early-stage deliverables, and quantify/qualify what success will look like. Once you’ve validated the project plan, we’ll proceed in the agreed-upon manner, maintaining communication with all stakeholders until the project is completed to everyone's satisfaction.

With the solution up and running, we will implement health checks, API calls and an AI-empowered monitoring solution to ensure your solution stays up 100%.  Once we have our demonstratable metrics for uptime, we will continually optimize and recommend low-impact changes as you scale to ensure your solution runs at its best.

DevOps and FinOps are two of the biggest evolutions in IT infrastructure.  Watch the video and then contact us.  


We are here to help.

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