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IT is no longer a single department in a company, it is a tool that encompasses every piece of your business.  Accelerating delivery of your products to your clients, securing your most sensitive information, improving both your internal and external users experience and helping to drive your business plans for the future and beyond.

Edge computing will bring your users a faster and more consistent experience.  IOT will drive a more function-centric thinking to IT.  And AI will change your data into actionable plans and a more efficent business.  With these technologies no longer on the cusp of delivery but here now, you need a partner to help you manage the waters and ensure that the right technologies are being driven to the right places.  


Digital Transformation Efforts Failed or Stalled in 2018


Total Workloads Moving to Cloud


CIOs Who Are Ready to Be the Innovators and Value Creators for Digital Transformation

Forrester - The Future of IT - Jan. 2019

"...any hopes of market leadership will be in peril for those with legacy systems or governance environments that hold back progress."


Forrester - The Future of IT - Jan. 2019

Who We Are

EA Team - Digital Experts was built to assist companies in achieving the IT goals of today and tomorrow.  We understand the pain points of companies today, coming from industries that served thousands of companies across all verticals.  Identifying the right technologies, the right migration strategies and preparation for upcoming changes in the IT field are what we see as top of mind for IT executives.  IT is no longer about people and devices; it is about proper execution along with the right tools and capabilities that enable your company to better serve your clients. 


Our Vision


With IT evolving constantly and introducing new technologies, you need a partner who can adapt just as quickly and still deliver tested, stable and cost effective technologies.  We formed to deliver the right strategies, solutions and infrastructure that your company needs.


Service Offerings

More organizations than ever are recognizing the need to optimize their infrastructure and applications to ensure cost-savings, reliability and performance.


Our Professional Service digital experts pinpoint the pain points of your organization utilizing AI software.  We can help identify if your infrastructure needs to move and where, and then perform the migration for you.

You want one place to manage, maintain and run your IT infrastructure.  EA Team is uniquely positioned to provide services at fraction of your in-house operations.

Utilizing AI driven tools and components, we keep an eye on your infrastructure so you don't have to, while dynamically scaling it to your needs.  So you can sleep better at night, knowing your business is safe and secure.

Your company is ready to launch a new product, but you need experts who can support it and the applications necessary to run it.


If you have tools but not the people, we can help with our Dedicated Digital Experts service.  These are highly trained, certified and experienced personnel who are assigned to only one client at a time and act as another member of your team.

Project Success

To ensure a successful project, we created a set of core tenants to follow.




Engage with the stakeholders of the project, identifying pain points, goals, and variables that would prevent a successful outcome for the project.


We explain our process, what to expect and the deliverables you will have in hand by the end of the project.




Communication is key to the success of any project as we build out the solution, showing progress and getting constant feedback to prevent from operating in a void.




With the complete project we present our findings, our deliverables and what success looks like.  Once we are given the go, the process repeats keeping in communication with the stakeholders and team until the project is completed to everyone's satisfaction.

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Why EA Team?

Our extensive experience and knowledge brings a vast depth of knowledge to your organization, bringing with us the lessons learned over decades of individual experience.  We know the challenges facings businesses today; meeting compliances, selecting technologies, creating meaningful change and ensuring it is accepted by the business and your clients. 


Our cutting edge services around AI Optimization, Edge Computing design, and deploying Internet of Things solutions based on best practices sets us apart in our field, allowing us to prepare your company not just for the challenges of today, but those on the horizon.

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