Author Spotlight

Mark Kallback

Director of Sales

As a long-time veteran of the infrastructure space, Mark started working on Control Panels and shared hosting infrastructure, supporting clients.  Later moving on to Solution Architect, his responsibilities were to fully support the sales team and ensure that technical specifications were correct as well as conveying complex ideas to non-technical leaders and providing best practice advice to clients.  In moving to Sales, Mark has had in-depth and deep experience in working with clients of different industries in finding the perfect fit solution for their IT needs.  A 15 year veteran of Datapipe, he completed his career there after the acquisition of Rackspace, and assisting both Rackspace and Datapipe personnel in the transition.  Before leaving Rackspace, Mark achieved Rackspace's President's Club with one of the highest over-quota margins.


Acting as head of the Sales and Marketing group, Mark is responsible for creating the vision and direction of the EA Team - Digital Experts group as well as providing a voice to that vision.  He is available for public speaking engagements and has worked with both his own company and clients in speaking to large groups and addressing the thoughts of the audience.


Mark can be reached at [email protected]