Introducing Our AI & ML Solutions


EA Team - Digital Experts is proud to announce our new offerings around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.  These technologies have come into their own in 2019 and for good reason.  Offering a wide array of tools for your business toolbox, the biggest issue is usually which solutions do you really need for your IT challenges?


Are your business processes a mess?  Do you need to analyze a ton of data on a recurring basis?  How about needing face detection for security or head counting, such as reducing lines at your retail stores?  Our ML and AI solutions were built to face these challenges and more.  The best way to approach these issues is to know what your challenges are.  Because of the versaility of the technology and the ways they can be applied, knowing what problem you are trying to fix is the best way to approach the issue.  Our brainstorming teams can work with you to review your processes as well to identify where we see a good fit, but in the end a hearty knowledge of internal processes is what will make the most toward fixing or optimizing.


Our offerings come in two flavors currently and are growing.  The first is Machine Learning algorithms which are built to solve custom challenges.  ML is the first step, creating an algorithm and platform that can learn what the challenge is, what the rules it can operate in are, and what the end goal is.  Once the ML has run through iterations of the challenge, it will get better and better until it reaches the threshold of completion percentage that you define.  At that point, it becomes a full fledged AI.  And it never stop learning how to do its job better, the more data it has, the better it will become.  And because our algorithms are custom built for your challenge, you can be assured that it will solve your problems faster and more accurately then pre-built systems.


Our AI offering is built around multimedia needs.  Video, Audio, Text, Photos, it is meant to detect and act on the detection based on what it sees.  You may need to just record how many people walk through a door.  Or you want to listen for certain sounds.  Or maybe your forum has gotten a bit rowdy and due to the amount of newly created content, you need someone to watch over it.  These challenges and more are what our solution is here to solve.


Let us know the problem and we can solve it.  Because we are here to help.