Driving Through and Beyond Digital Transformation

Executive Summary


Most of the upcoming businesses are twirled in the dilemma of adopting and driving digital transformation of their enterprises and customers. The rapid changes in technology and the urge to make an equally quick adoption has been a constant strategy to stay agile and competitive. Most industries will reset and rebuild from the foundation because of the overlapping of technology and humanity.


“Datafication + Cognification + Automation = Smart Everything”- Gerd Leonhard



The Digital Transformation Journey


Technological waves have touched the shores of humanity with significant shifts in the way they transformed the world we survive in. From Industrial Automation to Business Process Automation towards the Digital Transformation, organizations have come a long way in technology trend adoption. The next biggest technology shift depends on us. We have to gracefully adopt, for the betterment of the organization’s future. We need to focus on thinking exponential and combinatorial. Gartner calls this the NEXT technology shift, the “ContinuousNext”.


“ContinuousNext” is Gartner’s new position on the capabilities all organizations need to keep up with continuous change driven by technology. ContinuousNext is a formula for success in a world that is constantly changing…through and beyond digital transformation.


Although we are amid the inevitable digital transformation phase– fraught with sustained and rapid change, it’s imperative that we understand, prepare and adopt the tech shifts to achieve capabilities by renovating the tech strategy of our businesses.


(Mindsets + Practices) x Technology = Capabilities

i.e., Changing mindsets leads to new practices, which are amplified by technology, leading to new capabilities and new results. Leaders can embrace five significant imperatives to enact this strategy.

Chris Howard, VP Analyst at Gartner



According to Chris, these five imperatives for accomplishing digital success are:


  • Privacy - Top level organizational risk
  • Augmented Intelligence - Humans working alongside AI
  • Continuous Modernization - Infrastructure modernization through changing the digital core
  • Digital product Management - Customer centric development
  • Culture – Creating a change for immediate results



Where are you on your Digital Journey?


  • Are you exploring piloting of solutions with tight budget? Exploring Digital?
  • Are you improving your digital capabilities with zero change in the business or Ops? Getting Digital?
  • Are you adopting Digital at your business or Ops level? Becoming Digital?
  • Is your business optimized for being Digital? Being Digital?


At every stage of the Digital Journey, in order to drive through and beyond digital transformation, you will need to Start Small, Think Big and Scale Fast.


Start Small and progress quick with core renovation.


Think Big and modernize your thinking about infrastructure. Renovating the Digital core helps you in making your move towards impactful modernization which needs to be constant.


Scale Fast by enlisting allies to drive momentum and quantum growth to stay competitive.


Make your digital technology shift by bringing in allies, the right and experienced partners in your digital journey. One of the key capabilities to focus on is to ensure the tactful shift from project management to digital product management by adopting a product/customer centric mindset amongst your organization and your digital partner.



Driving Beyond Digital Transformation


We are at the threshold of the age of the "Intelligent Enterprise" as coined by SAP or the next digital paradigm "ContinuousNext" as devised by Gartner.


Intelligent enterprises elevate employees to focus on higher value tasks. As the technology evolved from the 1960s to the 2020s there has been a plethora of progress in an increase in automation and a reduction of repetitive tasks and improvisation of these high value tasks for higher productivity.


In summary, transforming businesses digitally by driving through and beyond is about becoming an Intelligent Enterprises –better visibility, focus and agility. The visibility to collect and connect data that was previously siloed and recognize the unseen patterns. The focus to simulate the impact of potential options and direct scarce resources to the areas of maximum impact. The agility to respond faster to the changes in the marketplace.


Organizations need to make a status check as to where they are on their digital journey and make strategic decisions to bring in allies that have the ability to partner on your journey through and beyond digital transformations.


It’s better to change while you can, rather than when you have to by adopting the 5 imperatives

devised in the "ContinousNext" pattern envisaged by Gartner.


Digital Ethics – a Key Differentiator


With a quantum leap in Technology, there are fears gripping the world about what automation will do in the job market and data privacy concerns, as well as other factors.


It’s imperative that technology doesn’t determine ethics but organizations do. While organizations look for opportunities to be competitive – one of the major differentiators that can be their unique selling proposition is being ethical in their digital course. We are at the pivot point of exponential change. This has a great impact on various social responsibilities. Organizations are ethically responsible to make the decisions as to how to use technology when automating. Too much automation too quickly can cause more issues than it solves as it did with Tesla’s new Gigafactory. It is all about engaging in rules, safety, security, control, trust and analytics which are pillars of a successful digital journey.


Let us make joint strides through and beyond digital transformation for a better world.


We can solve more problems than we have so far.


Author – Vadan Kumar