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Don’t Think You Have the Skills or Resources? Think Again.

You have the tools, the best-fit solution, and the technical capacity to manage your IT infrastructure. But something’s missing. You need people; Dedicated Experts to deploy those tools, troubleshoot issues, maintain elite performance, and ensure security.


Good thing you have EA Team.


Our certified, highly experienced personnel fill any talent gaps you might have, acting as integrated members of your team. They’re assigned to you, and only to you.


As resident partners they can rub elbows onsite with your staff, or reside at our location, on-shore, off-shore…wherever. You have a question? Extend them on your phone system, add them to your email domain, or IM them just like you would any other member of your team.


If you already know the specific areas where our team might expand your skillset, great! If not, we’ll collaborate with you to determine the amount of people you might need and where you need them. You have the tools, we bring the muscle.  

Let us reiterate: our Dedicated Digital Experts are not pooled between clients. We don’t toss the word “dedicated” around like some agencies do. Your Dedicated Digital Expert works for you, and only you, without any other client commitments.  They are a part of our billable service offering, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the overhead associated with expanding your corporate org chart.

Skills and expertise aside, if you’re concerned about how your Dedicated Digital Expert might fit into your corporate culture, EA Team has always placed an emphasis – inside and outside the firm – on a strong set of core values. Nobody walks into our (or your) door unless they meet the standards that define us and are exemplar of how we conduct our business: honest, accountable, able, and dedicated. Ultimately, your success is our success.

We’ll take it a step further.

We all strive to contribute to a better society; to be a good neighbor. We endeavor to contribute to the economic, social, and environmental efforts within our communities, and as such, view this aspect or our service offering as an extension of that dedication. It is our responsibility to help your organization shine as a pillar of success for your customers, peers, those whom you will lead, and those whom you will surpass. 


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