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EA Team provides an end-to-end, all-in-one approach to digital transformation

Our Digital Experts conduct deep-dive assessments of your current infrastructure and applications, architect the future state of your IT, execute a seamless migration, and identify & implement ongoing optimization opportunities. 


Our unique Cloud to Edge approach provides the full stack of cloud services with the capability to deliver any application on any device across public, private, and multi-cloud deployments. We deliver multi-platform public cloud solutions through a global footprint of data centers combined with deep expertise in architecting, deploying, and managing the unique demands of highly available enterprise-class applications.

Driving Through and Beyond

Digital Transformation

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Ea Team Provides Infrastructure Services for the Following Platforms and Deployment Models

AWS Cloud

AWS Outposts

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMWare Private Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

Azure Cloud

Azure Stack


Traditional Hardware Server Hosting

Hybrid Infrastructure

Infrastructure Assessment
Infrastructure Migration
Infrastructure Optimization
DevOps, FinOps and Automation
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Infrastructure Assessment



Many organizations fail to develop a centralized strategy for cloud adoption.


Instead, they embrace cloud capabilities piecemeal, only addressing specific needs as they arise and without focus on broader IT, compliance, or security concerns.


Failing to embrace a holistic view of digital transformation leads to an expensive problem known as “cloud sprawl.” This is where inefficient use and poor orchestration of cloud tools and resources lead to fragmented reporting, unreliable metrics, and “dead” instances; resources that remain online, are still being paid for, but are not actually in use. 


EA Team Cloud Assessment Services helps clients develop and implement a comprehensive, predictive, and proactive cloud strategy that governs the use of cloud services across the organization.


Our differentiated approach to cloudification starts with an incisive cloud assessment of both your current and future states. We compile analytical data, employ automated bots, and create pre-built cloud-native application blueprints. This allows us to develop integrated insight into your ongoing operations, and provide continuous support through our Cloud Delivery Center.


Our goal is to ensure that policies are clear, concise, and security-conscious, making cloud assets that are easy to provision while providing the maximum benefit of public cloud features.

Infrastructure Migration
Infrastructure Optimization
DevOps, FinOps and Automation
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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